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This teacher wore the same outfit 40 years in a row. Epic!

There are superstars who wouldn’t wear the same dress twice, but this one teacher from Prestonwood Elementary in Richardson, USA, had himself photographed with the same outfit for 40 years in a row. PE
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Kentucky Fried Hoax – How Victoria Wilcher’s family scammed us all!

The jig is up. The heart-wrenching story of a badly disfigured 3-year-old child being asked to leave a Jackson Kentucky Fried Chicken because her appearance was scaring other customers was a story generated out of

Bryan Fischer Proclaims That Anti-Gay Discrimination Is Good: ‘It’s A Virtue And It’s Necessary’

On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer called on anti-gay activists to "reclaim the word discrimination" because discrimination against gays, he repeatedly asserted, is a good thing.

"Discrimination, when it comes to sexual

Paranoia-Rama: Divine Punishment For Gay Rights, Liberals Pushing Second Holocaust, Guerrilla War A-Brewin’

RWW's Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week's most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right.

Another week of totally reasonable and sane thoughts about Benghazi,

Mat Staver Floats House Birther Investigation Into ‘Communist’ Obama

In a “Crosstalk” interview with VCY America's Vic Eliason this week, Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver suggested that Congress launch an investigation into President Obama's birth

Rafael Cruz Preaches Seven Mountains Theology, Tells Activists To ‘Stop Electing The Village Idiot’

Rafael Cruz, the father of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and a regular campaign surrogate, delivered his usual stump speech at today's Road to Majority summit, filled with David Barton-inspired pseudo-history and Christian Nationalism.

Fox News’ Monica Crowley: Left At War With America

Monica Crowley of Fox News served as the emcee for a “legislative luncheon” that kicked off the “Road to Majority” conference sponsored by Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom

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