21 Ways To Wear Pizza With Pride


Because true pizza lovers know it isn’t just a food, it’s a lifestyle. Via Etsy.

1. Dangling from your ears.

Dangling from your ears.

If only they smelled like pizza. Get a pair here.

2. On your phone.

On your phone.

This way you will remember to order pizza for dinner. Get one here.

3. As a patch.

As a patch.

They missed a really good “crust” pun, but this is still awesome. Grab one here.

4. When you’re dressed up.

When you're dressed up.

No suit is complete without a pie on each wrist. Get yours here.

5. On your tie.

On your tie.

Pair this baby with those cufflinks and people will know you don’t mess around with pizza. Find it here.

6. On your chest.

On your chest.

Pizzadelic, dude. Find ‘em here.

7. With your seven best friends.

With your seven best friends.

Nothing says “We’ll be friends forever” like a good slice of ‘za. Get yours here.

8. In a private place.

In a private place.

SAUCY! Buy it here.

9. In your other private places.

In your other private places.

(These are nipple pasties). (AND THEY GLOW IN THE DARK). Buy a pair here.

10. Around your whole body!

Around your whole body!

Don’t act you never wanted to crawl inside a warm slice of pizza and take a quick nap. Get one here.

11. On your keys.

On your keys.

If only this keychain came with a pizza-mobile. Find one here.

12. On your head.

On your head.

Beanie pizza… sounds delish. Grab yours here.

13. On your finger.

On your finger.

This is a perfectly acceptable engagement ring, don’t let anyone tell you any differently. Yours is here.

14. As a button.

As a button.

Pin this baby wherever your pizza-loving heart desires! Purchase yours here.

15. On your baby.

On your baby.

Which is almost as cool as having a baby made of pizza. Buy it here.

16. On your lips.

On your lips.

Kiss me immediately. Find these here.

17. Wrapped around your throat.

Wrapped around your throat.

Warm and toasty. Get yours here.

18. On your hands.

On your hands.

They’re fingerless so you can still eat your pizza when you’re wearing them. Get a pair here.

19. Around your wrist.

Around your wrist.

That burger might seem out of place, but consider how amazing burger-pizza would taste? Find yours here.

20. In your hair.

In your hair.

Most people would think having pizza in your hair is a bad thing. Most people would be wrong. Purchase yours here.



This is, hands down, the best place to put pizza.


Source: BuzzFeed


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