5 Reasons Why Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Should Not Be Homeland Security Secretary

House Foreign Affairs Committee Holds Hearing Proposed Iraq Legislation

House Foreign Affairs Committee Holds Hearing Proposed Iraq Legislation

On Monday, the Congressional Black Caucus offended everyone with common sense by recommending Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security Secretary.

While a Secretary Jackson Lee might benefit the Republican Party in the long term as it would highlight the unbelievable incompetence of prominent Democrats, it’s still a bad idea. The security of the country is at stake, after all.

Here are several reasons why Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee should definitely, totally not be Homeland Security Secretary.


1. She thinks that repealing ObamaCare would violate the Constitution

In one of the most tortured examples of Constitutional interpretation in the history of our great country, Rep. Jackson Lee actually said that repealing ObamaCare would be unconstitutional because it would violate both the fifth and fourteenth Amendments. This, of course, means that the whole country was violating the Constitution for the 200+ years before ObamaCare was signed into law.


2. She compared the Tea Party to the KKK

Shortly after the NAACP was foolish enough to pass a resolution condemning the “racist elements” of the Tea Party, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee decided to take things a step further. She compared the Tea Party to the KKK, saying the following: “All those who wore sheets a long time ago have now lifted them off and started wearing… uh, clothing, uh, with a name, say, I am part of the tea party.”

We’ve all seen burning crosses at Tea Party rallies, right?


3. She thinks that there are two Vietnams

Note: There is only one Vietnam. It’s been that way for decades.


4. She thinks that Neil Armstrong landed on Mars

No, we aren’t making this up. “On a visit to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2005, Rep. Lee made embarrassing news by asking if the Mars Pathfinder had taken an image of the flag planted there in 1969 by Neil Armstrong.”


5. She thinks that she’s a “freed slave”

Earlier this year, while railing against sequestration, Rep. Jackson Lee made the following insipid comment: “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together. Are we going to be able to do it today to free America?”

She was never a slave. Neither were her parents. However, it should be noted that her two last names (Jackson and Lee) are also the last names of two famous Civil War generals who fought for the Confederacy. Just sayin’.
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