Dashcam Video – Zimmerman Pulled Over In Texas With Gun


George Zimmerman was pulled over by police in north Texas for speeding on Sunday, and informed the officer he had a gun in his glove compartment, according to multiple news reports.

According to TMZ, which was first to report the news, Zimmerman was stopped in Forney, Texas on Sunday afternoon and let off with a warning after police determined he had no outstanding warrants against him.

KTVT-TV reported the stop occurred while Zimmerman was traveling westbound on Highway 80 in a Honda pickup, about 20 miles east of Dallas.

TMZ published a dashcam image of an officer beside the truck:


Zimmerman told police he was headed “nowhere in particular,” according to TMZ. KTVT reported Zimmerman asked the officer if he recognized him, and the officer said he did not. The stop lasted about five minutes, and was reportedly all captured on dashcam footage.

TMZ reported Zimmerman was not disguised in any way.

A message left with the Forney Police Department was not immediately returned.

Zimmerman was acquitted of criminal charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin earlier this month. He surfaced several days after the verdict to assist a family involved in a car wreck in Florida.

A KTVT reporter tweeted an image of the police report from the traffic stop. Car tag information information appears to have been redacted, except that it is registered in Florida:


Source: The Blaze

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