If You Didn’t Vote For Obama You Are A Racist


(Downtrend) Did you vote for Obama in 2008? What about 2012? If you are reading an article on Downtrend, chances are the answer is no and no freakin’ way. Unfortunately, those answers mean you are a racist. According to an article on Mother Jones today, voting Republican or Independent in the previous two presidential elections is a sign of racism and bigotry.


The Science Of Your Racist Brain is a liberal snore-fest that tries to make a case that brain physiology is responsible for racist attitudes. It’s a difficult read to get through, but at some point in the article, the author introduces the concept of “passive racism.” That’s when you think you’re not racist, but really are subconsciously.

For white people (the only people capable of racism according to this article) examples of passive racism would be if you find some black people to be unpleasant or find white people more attractive. But the biggest indicator of this type of hidden racism is found at the polling booth:

Not voting for Obama: In a very different context, these tendencies also cropped up in the 2008 presidential election, pitting a white candidate (John McCain) against a black one (Barack Obama). In a 2009 study, B. Keith Payne of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and his colleagues compared explicit and implicit bias scores for a large number of individuals with their self-reported voting behavior in the election. Not surprisingly, the conscious racists, those showing explicit anti-black bias, tended to vote against Obama and for McCain. But after controlling for explicit bias, the study found that the remaining implicit bias had a surprising effect. It didn’t push voters towards McCain, but it did take votes away from Obama, because these people either tended to favor a third-party candidate or were less likely to vote at all.

So if you are a registered Republican and have voted that way your entire life, not voting for a democrat because he is black makes you a bigot. If you are against gun control, big government, high taxes, subsidies, and healthcare mandates, all of the things Obama stands for, but still didn’t cast a ballot for him, you are a racist. Makes sense to me.

And also, if you thought both major party candidates were jackasses and voted Independent or stayed home altogether, you’re still a racist. The only way to be enlightened was to vote for Obama.

On the other hand, people that voted for Obama for the simple reason that he is black are open minded and progressive. And let’s face it; anyone that voted for him did so because of his skin color. He had no record or qualifications for the job coming into 2012 and his lack of action and achievement in the first term should have doomed him. He isn’t a two-term President based on merit.

I can’t wait for the 2016 presidential elections so I can prove what a sexist I am by not voting for Hillary.

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