Exposed: The Obama Invasion of Syria (MUST WATCH)


A video compilation circulating on YouTube may serve as a quick rundown of things that the majority of the world quite possibly have no idea is taking place. It sheds light on what may  really be going on behind Government in the United States. The most chilling part of the video, is in the first minute, a speech given by General Wesley Clark in 2007 where he outlines the United State’s plans to attack and destroy 7 governments in 5 years. Starting with Iraq, then followed by Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Iran; the United States plans to destabilize the Middle East in order to control it. Is General Clark’s speech the key to President Obama’s apparent need for a war in Syria? His claims of a memo that was given to him by the Secretary of Defense would certainly explain why war is even on the table after there has been such a large turnout of anti-war protests in recent weeks.

The only issue with his speech is that it was pointing out that the Bush administration had planned to carry all of this out during his presidency.  Could they have hit some unexpected bumps in the road that prevented this from taking place within the proposed amount of time? War is only organized chaos, after all. Watch this 7 minute video, and you decide whether the wars past and possible are planned events. It may give new meaning to the phrase “calculated attack”.

Source: YouTube / FreePatriot

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