Obama Attempts To Disarm Countless Veterans By Declaring Them Incompetent



We are all aware that Obama has the outright intention of disarming all of America. Well, all of the law-abiding American citizens, that is. Sure, he will allow the criminals and those that are willing to defy the law to have and hold their firearms. But for the rest of us….well, he has proven over and over again that he and his lawless Regime is coming for us.

Having said all that, I was still a bit surprised to hear about Obama’s latest gun grab, even though it has been going on for a while and not much about Obama actually surprises me anymore.

This whole thing started last year, when veterans began receiving letters that essentially declared their incompetence and demanded they return or hand over their guns and firearms. This started out as a trickle, but now seems to have become more or less an organized policy. This has created victims out of some 129,000 veterans according to the latest reports, although these numbers are rising as more and more former military people come forward.

Now, veterans are starting to fight back against this despicable trend that our criminal in chief has been orchestrating behind the scenes. Remember, of course, that these are men who were declared competent enough just a few months ago in some cases, to hold weapons in defense of our country, in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, once they return home it seems Obama does not show them nearly the same respect that they have shown him.

According to the letter that these veterans have received, they are no longer allowed to possess or transport firearms. If they are caught and found guilty of this, they will face heavy fines, jail time, or both. There is supposedly an appeal process for fighting this, but several that have actually attempted to fight back against this letter have discovered the VA administrative office will not release the agreed upon information. Essentially, the VA has been ruling these veterans incompetent and then denying them a hearing. This strategy sounds a little like Obama pushing his agenda through the power of his pen.

Not only this, but it even gets worse from here. In many cases, VA officials are actually going behind the backs of these veterans, veterans whom they claim to help and represent, and then reporting them to the FBI’s NICS database. In many cases, they do not even bother to inform the veteran that they have done so. What a mockery of actually taking advantage of the full weight and force of the US Government and acting in a totally illegal manner. They must have learned all this from our criminal in chief himself, Obama.

As previously mentioned, many of these veterans are beginning to band together and fight back against all of this. They have found a lawyer named Katharine Russ from the United States Justice Foundation willing to take on these types of cases. These veterans are being declared incompetent for such minor things like minor depression and short-term memory loss, conditions for which no respectable court in the country would find grounds to permanently strip them of their 2nd Amendment rights.

What do YOU think? Are these actions being perpetrated by the VA and Obama justifiable? Or, are these the illegal actions of an increasingly desperate administration that is becoming frustrated over its lack of success at pushing their gun-control, far left wing liberal agenda?

Source: DownTrend

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