Obama gets heckled during his speech, his response to the heckler is as lame as you’d imagine


(Young Conservatives) What was this peasant thinking trying to interrupt President King Obama the First?

From the Daily Mail:

President Obama was heckled on Thursday during a fund-raising speech in San Jose, California as he spoke to supporters about the need to cast their vote to ensure the Senate remains in Democratic control.

Reaching the end of his address to tech leaders, Obama was interrupted by a man in the crowd and without missing a step, told him that he should speak to him later because he was ‘screwing up the end of my speech.’

The heckler was excitedly shouting about his freedoms as a voter, to which the president replied he completely agreed, ‘although, why don’t we talk about it later because I am just about to finish, you and me, we’ll talk about it.’

Undeterred and seemingly uninterested in the president’s offer, the heckler continued to throw the president off, who shot back about how much he ‘wanted to hear’ from him.

Obama said to stop screwing up his speech, the heckler should have responded: “STOP SCREWING UP MY COUNTRY!”

Here is the heckler.  Are you going to see him on the news? Of course not.  He’s not white so it kind of ruins their “angry and racist” narrative.


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