Woman’s food stamps went down to $1,106 blames Obama for starving her kids



Behold!  Heather Nicole Lacy, a 28 year old married female who works at Burger King and is sitting on food-stamps income, to the tune of about $1,106 a month.  Her monthly allowance was recently decreased by $64 which sparked a childish rant to be made online via a very poorly punctuated Facebook status update:

“Thanks a lot to Obama our food-stamps went from getting $1170 down to $1106 he is now taking food out of my kids mouth and he is only making it worse on people who need Government assistants he sucks”

How about get off your lazy ass and get a job you selfish burden of society.  Nobody is interested in supporting your children or your bad life decisions.  It’s time to grow up and be a big girl because your kids are counting on you.  You have nobody to blame but yourself for the situation you are in.  Welfare is nothing to be proud of and nobody owes it to you.  Do you realize you take in more benefits sitting on your lazy ass than most veterans WITH DISABILITIES do?  Count your blessings you blind, weak liberal child of today, for your time is running short.  I promise you.

If you want to leave Heather a message with your thoughts you can find her Facebook page here: Heather’s Facebook Page

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